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Turkish Popstar Hacer Tülü killed in horror nightclub shootout



Turkish Popstar Hacer Tülü killed

A forty-year-old Popstar has been shot dead in a horrific incident in a pub near tourist hotspot of Bodrum, western Turkey.

Hacer Tülü, was one of two people who died after four gunmen opened fire on revellers having fun at the Medusa nightclub.

The other person killed in the shootout is thought to be the owner of the nightclub where the shooting took place.

The police are currently questioning four suspects arrested in connection with the armed attack that left four others injured, according to reports.

Local media reports that a vehicle pulled up outside the Medusa nightclub before the shooting took place inside the building.

The circumstances behind the shooting are not yet clear, though some reports have suggested Hacer may have been caught in crossfire.

Hacer whose most popular song has had over 4 million views on YouTube, was also a very popular model and actress in Turkey. She has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram

The Turkish singer, moments before the attack, had uploaded videos to her Instagram of her partying with pals on stage.

Hacer was born in April 1978 to Bosnian Yugoslav immigrants in Izmir and had one older brother, Ozan.

Turkish Popstar Hacer Tülü killed in horror nightclub shootout

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