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Metal objects in the Netherlands did not belong to the plane carrying Emiliano Sala



The debris found in the Netherlands does not belong to the plane carrying Emiliano Sala.

The metal debris found in the port area of Rotterdam did not belong to the aircraft carrying Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, as has been confirmed by Dutch police.

Security forces began an intense investigation after the discovery of some pieces that appeared to resemble the plane upon which the lost player was travelling.

“It can come from anywhere, even a ship; it’s too early to say anything about it but we can’t rule out anything,” security sourced told De Telegraaf newspaper after the piece had been found.

However, it was later announced that “the package found in Maasvlakte did not come from an airplane – the investigation is closed”.

Twitter user Ad van den Berge sparked interest with his post of a picture of the object in question, writing “I found a strange piece of aluminium, a plane?”

Similarities with the Piper PA-46 Malibu N264DB that Sala was on board alerted the public.

The area is located 500 kilometres from Surtainville, where remains of seats were found that could have belonged to the plane.

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